Is Productivity Hurting Your Business?



Years ago manufacturers learned that success and profitability weren’t dictated by how many products they PRODUCED, but by how many products they SOLD. Manufacturers have learned to balance capacity, and retailers learned to balance inventory based on customer demand. Sounds pretty obvious. Why then do many trucking companies continue to spend money on capacity that they’re not using?

The definition of success for trucking companies is not how many trucks you have, not how many drivers you employ, not how much warehouse space you have, but how effectively you are using those assets.

Yes, it’s a tough business. Sometimes things you can’t control get in the way:

  • Fuel costs that are low today, but are going to go up
  • Government regulation can be burdensome and arbitrary
  • Regulations are requiring companies to invest in new and sometimes expensive technologies
  • Shippers are increasing demands greater operating transparency and accountability
  • Freight demand seems to change from quarter to quarter
  • Competition for loads is a reality

But there is one thing you can control – PRODUCTIVITY! It’s the one thing that is most responsible for the success of your business.

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