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Sometimes it feels impossible to control your trucking company in an industry that’s becoming increasingly harder to manage. Rising costs, driver shortages and government mandates create a harsh environment to operate within.

We designed TruCosting so that you can regain control of your business. Regardless of what the industry throws at you next, be ready with the latest trucking company software, TruCosting. Contact us to learn more about how TruCosting can help you!

What Is TruCosting® Trucking Software?

TruCosting® is a data analysis solution for trucking companies that integrates the operating and financial information from existing systems to allow you to identify where problems may exist that are preventing you from maximizing your potential profitability. It shows the positive and negative impact that certain elements have on your business. It is designed to help managers make better decisions about business activities to better understand costs and increase profit margins. Some of the tools available include:

  • Business Analysis Tool: To identify which lanes, terminals, customers, and business segments – down to the individual load level – are most or least profitable and most importantly – WHY.
  • Pricing Tool: A tool that allows your Sales team to price loads profitably.
  • Operations Tool: Allows you to evaluate the efficiency of certain activities and assets.
  • Management Information Tool: Gives you more clarity into your business allowing you to make better decisions and to negotiate more effectively with shippers and consignees.

TruCosting® Gives You the Information You Need to Manage Your Business Effectively

TruCosting’s® comprehensive report structure gives you all the information you need to manage your business effectively:

  • Financial summaries by Cost Center
  • Traffic down to the individual load level
  • By Terminal
  • By Customer
  • And by Lane

Performance Trend Reports also provide a view of how you are performing against historical trends.

TruCosting’s® flexible reporting capabilities give you the ability to select those data elements that are most important to you. Whether you are a smaller operation or large, whether you operate from a single location or a network of nationwide terminals, you have control over the breadth and depth of reports allowing you quickly and easily see what matters most.

Why TruCosting®

  • Help turn data into information you can use to better manage your business
  • Increase your profit margins
  • Better understand your costs
  • Create a competitive pricing model that still generates profit for the business
  • Identify which elements of your business are providing the greatest return on investment
  • Use available assets more effectively
  • Give you the information you need to negotiate with shippers and consignees

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