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Trincon is a one-stop-shop for all types of trucking companies. With experience in every part of the trucking industry, our consultants are here to help no matter what your company specializes in. Our services for the trucking industry include: 

At Trincon, we customize each of these services based on the industry you work within. Our team can help your business run smoothly and become more profitable through our helpful trucking consulting services. So, what industries can Trincon’s trucking industry consultants help with?


As one of the most high-demand specialties in the trucking industry, we have worked with many tanker trucking companies. We understand the complexity and difficulties of transporting both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. Since this is a challenging area of trucking, recruiting and retaining drivers can sometimes seem impossible. In addition to our driver recruitment and retention strategies, our consultants can assist in optimizing every area of your business.

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Refrigerated Freight

Also known as reefer, this is a temperature-controlled trailer that carries a variety of items. From food to medical goods, refrigerated freight can encompass many different industries in one area of trucking. Since each area requires different skills and faces different challenges, it’s important that your company understands how to handle each one. Our consultants can help you streamline your business to ensure each area is performing successfully.

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Dry Van

Dry van freight is arguably the most common type of trailer used in the trucking industry. Since these are typically used for non-perishable items, a majority of trucking companies work in this space. Even though this industry is common, that does not mean it’s without areas of improvement. Without proper management development, your dry van trucking company cannot live up to its full potential. Our consultants will analyze your business and determine how to improve your operation.

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Flat Bed

Another complex type of trucking company, flat bed trucking requires different skills and specialties. Most commonly used to transport vehicles, oversize freight, and other miscellaneous items, this area of the industry presents its own problems. Complex trucking companies benefit from an in-depth profitability analysis to determine how to continue growing and thriving within the flat bed industry.

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