Why You Should Be Investing in Trucking Software

In this digital age, more and more industries are seeing various companies change and adapt as technology becoming increasingly available. The trucking industry is currently seeing a lot of new technologies being offered, all aimed at making trucking companies more profitable and easier to manage. A search in 2019 on Google for trucking company software yields over 25 million results. With that many options, it can be hard to determine which software will be the best for you, and when considering investing in information technology to help support your business, the choices can be overwhelming.

Benefits of Trucking Software Solutions

Deciding to invest in a trucking company software often begins with the benefits it will bring your business. These benefits can differ depending on what type of technology you choose, but often a trucking software will help you understand your business better and increase your profit margins. A great transport management system will take raw data and help turn it into useful information for you. Whether this is information based on dispatching, load tracking, financing, or more, you will be able to make better decisions through the information provided by the solution. You will be able to use your available assets more effectively and identify which elements of your business are providing the greatest return and which parts could be improved.

Transport management system

Types of Trucking Software Solutions

Once you understand how beneficial a trucking company software can be for your business, it’s time to decide which solution to go with. Not every trucking system is going to be the best fit for your company. Trucking software solutions can range from complex enterprise transportation management systems to a wide variety of specialty solutions for business analysis, logging, finance, brokerage, dispatch, load tracking, and a whole host of others. So how do you know where to invest? What should your priorities be? What’s going to give you the greatest return for your investment? The answer to these questions lies in the development of a cost-effective information technology plan that is in alignment with the needs and priorities of the business.

We suggest first looking internally to determine what type of software your company needs. Do you need a data analysis software that helps organize, integrate, and analyze your operating and financial information? Or do you need a software that will help you schedule and track dispatches, loads, and drivers? Identify the goals of your company and where trucking software could really improve your business.

Once you have determined what type of software solution you need, take some time to do some research. Look at all of the options available and take into account any reviews. Learn which software is going to fit into your operating process and be the most beneficial for your business.

One thing to remember though is that every system, every application, has, by definition, an assumed business process embedded within it. It assumes that event A will be followed by event B, C, D and so forth. Rarely if ever will that assumed process be exactly like the way you have operated in the past. Unfortunately, people are creatures of habit and are resistant to change. Without adequate training, they will fall back into the old way of doing things which can negate the usefulness of your investment.

Advocates for a particular transport management system may say that “you can change the basic assumptions of the application to meet your specific operational processes.” Be skeptical. The IT landscape is filled with failed projects, delays and cost overruns resulting from attempts to change basic application assumptions. To get the most out of your chosen trucking software, train yourself and your employees thoroughly on the system. Not understanding or utilizing a software system can lead to you seeing little or no return on the investment. Remember that people and processes may have to adjust, but in the long run, it will be better for your business.

Your IT Solution for Trucking Company Software

If you are looking for a data analysis trucking software solution, Trincon Group offers a well designed and easy-to-use system. The system integrates operating and financial information, allowing you to identify problems affecting your potential profitability. Along with that, we also offer a range of professional services designed to help trucking companies maximize the productivity and profitability of their operations, and assure that their investments in technology are appropriate and provide the return on investment you require. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your trucking company succeed!

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