Investing in Information Technology


When considering investing in information technology to help support your business, the choices can be overwhelming. A search on Google for Trucking Company Software yields over 5 million results. These trucking software solutions range from complex enterprise Transportation Management Systems to a wide variety of specialty solutions for business analysis, logging, finance, brokerage, dispatch, load tracking and whole host of others. So how do you know where to invest? What should our priorities be? What’s going to give you the best return for your investment? The answer to these questions lies in the development of a cost-effective information technology plan that is in alignment with the needs and priorities of the business.

Your IT Solution for Trucking Company Software

Trincon Group offers a well designed and easy-to-use trucking company software, as well as a range of professional services designed to help trucking companies maximize the productivity and profitability of their operations, and assure that their investments in technology are appropriate and provide the return on investment you require.


Every system, every application, has, by definition, an assumed business process embedded within it. It assumes that event A will be followed by event B, C, D and so forth. Rarely if ever will that assumed process be exactly like the way you have operated in the past. Unfortunately, people are creatures of habit and are resistant to change. Without adequate training they will fall back into the old way of doing things which can negate the usefulness of your investment.

Advocates for a particular solution may say that “you can change the basic assumptions of the application to meet your specific operational processes.” Be skeptical. The IT landscape is filled with failed projects, delays and cost overruns resulting from attempts to change basic application assumptions.

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