Everything You Need to Know About Truck Driver Recruiting and Retention

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The shortage of qualified drivers is a major problem for the trucking transportation industry. Attracting top candidates is a challenge. Additionally, the turnover rate is high. This makes truck driver recruiting a constant struggle for fleet owners. When you don’t have a reliable pool of drivers on staff, it has a negative impact on your company’s bottom line, productivity, and operational efficiency. It’s more important than ever to implement strategies to help you stay ahead of the truck driver shortage. So, what are the top issues when it comes to driver retention and recruiting? Let’s breakdown what’s going on and how Trincon can help your company.

Top Truck Driver Recruiting and Retention Problems

So, what are the top issues when it comes to driver retention and recruiting? Let’s breakdown what’s going on and how Trincon can help your company.

Major Driver Shortages

The demand is high and the supply is low. This is the current status quo within the trucking industry when it comes to recruiting truck drivers. Trucking companies need nearly 1 million new commercial truck drivers over the next decade, according to the American Trucking Association. This makes it difficult to keep up with business demands. As a result, truck driver recruiting remains a top priority.

An aging driver workforce doesn’t help matters either. In other industry sectors, the average worker is 42 years old. However, the average age of a truck driver is 50. Because of this aging workforce, the industry sees greater spikes in retirement. Often these vacancies aren’t filled when you consider the trucking industry has the lowest representation of young workers.

Poor Driver Retention

It’s one thing to attract new hires during the truck driver recruiting process. However, it’s quite another to keep them on staff. There are aspects of the job that can take a toll on drivers. One issue is the amount of time truckers spend at shipping docks. 

The industry’s standard waiting time at shipping docks is two hours. Unfortunately, most drivers spend over three hours waiting for freights to be unloaded. In these instances, there aren’t any workers available to unload the trucks when the drivers arrive. This lapse in the ship handling process is typically the result of poor operations management. 

The extra wait time places more burden on the drivers. They are rarely compensated for the extra hour or so spent at shipping docks. Even if they do get paid, it’s very costly for trucking companies. Plus, drivers are under pressure to keep up with their delivery schedules. Dealing with time delays at the shipping docks makes it difficult for them to arrive at their delivery destinations on time. These are just a few factors contributing to poor driver retention. Here are other reasons why drivers quit:

  • Don’t feel appreciated
  • Conflicts with dispatch and supervisors
  • Too much time away from home
  • Desire higher pay
  • Poor training

A truck driver that benefits from driver retention strategies.

Implementing Successful Driver Retention Strategies

Driver turnover rates in the trucking industry aren’t getting better. It’s critical that you find, hire, and retain the best candidates for your business. This can be accomplished with an effective truck driver recruiting plan and results-driven driver retention strategies. Working with a consulting firm, such as Trincon, can help your company remain productive and profitable despite the driver shortages. Here are just a few benefits:

  • Improve recruiting
  • Boost retention
  • Provide custom truck driver shortage solutions
  • Lower truck driver turnover
  • Increase operational profitability

So, what are some steps you can take to improve driver retention?

Competitive Compensation Plans

You want the best truck driving candidates. In turn, new and veteran truckers seek employment with a top-notch company. Because drivers have so many options, you need compelling reasons for a candidate to work for you rather than your competitor. A major selling point in the truck driver recruiting process is the compensation package.

Driver salaries are on an upward trend. Fleet drivers’ median pay has increased by 18%. Since 2013, the salary has increased by 15% for commercial drivers. The boost in salaries is due to the industry trying to attract and retain a larger pool of drivers. One of the main recruiting tactics is to offer a compensation package that includes a salary, bonuses, and incentives. 

Successful truck driver recruitment is a win-win solution for your company and drivers. A consulting company can develop a compensation plan that makes sense for your business. It’s a plan that maximizes your recruitment efforts without compromising your bottom line. Trucking consultants can show you how to do the following:

  • Conduct profitability analysis
  • Perform an incentive analysis
  • Prepare compensation policy
  • Develop appropriate incentive guidelines

Highlight Your Benefits

Truck driver prospects need to understand how working for your company benefits them. To attract top candidates, you need to know what’s most important to them. A few things that are a top priority for drivers include rewards, incentives, and a driver career path. Truckers seek encouragement and acknowledgment for delivering superior performance. Additionally, they want opportunities to grow and advance within a company. 

Trucking consulting companies like Trincon can create a customized solution that effectively addresses driver shortage. The truck driver recruiting process is easier when you do the following:

  • Conduct effective onboarding
  • Conduct truck-entry support programs
  • Create accountability and recognition plans
  • Conduct periodic reviews
  • Define a clear-cut driver career path

Developing and implementing the right recruitment and retention process requires in-depth knowledge of the trucking industry. This is why working with trucking specialists such as Trincon can give you an advantage in the marketplace. Consultants not only help you overcome the driver shortage but also help your business move forward.

Overcome Driver-Related Roadblocks

The truck driver shortage and turnover rates are major problems within the trucking transportation industry. However, there are solutions that keep this trend from hindering your company’s progress. Here at Trincon, we have a professional team that can show you how to effectively implement our truck driver shortage solutions, as well as increase driver retention. Say goodbye to truck driver recruiting and retention problems. Contact us now to learn more about how our services can help your company succeed.

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