Trincon Business Development Consultants

Trincon’s business development strategy plans are specifically designed for trucking companies. We can help you identify strategic opportunities to acquire accounts in specific lanes or industry segments that leverage your existing strengths, optimize your business objectives, and maximize the profitability of each customer.

Increase Profits with Trincon’s Business Analysis Tools

A specialized trucking industry business development consultant will identify industry segments offering freight that is best suited to your trucking company and its equipment.

These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Identify qualified prospects through proven e-mail, telemarketing, and direct mail strategies
  • Sell your company’s features and benefits using your website, literature, and professional selling tools
  • Measure progress and results, and reward sales personnel based on profit contribution
  • Organize sales personnel for the best productivity
  • Assist in closing sales and negotiate pricing

Eight-Step Trucking Business Management Program

Our eight-step trucking business management program will help you get started increasing your profits and developing your business to your goals.

The eight-step program includes:

  • Evaluating your current operations and customer portfolio to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Creating a profile of prospective customers that fits your business environment
  • Working with you to evaluate the marketplace and potential prospects
  • Establishing a disciplined marketing and sale process
  • Utilizing social media
  • Maximizing the impact and effectiveness of websites
  • Instituting a marketing campaign that includes telemarketing, email, direct mail, and social media
  • Follow up

With help from our business development consultants, Trincon can take your company to the next level and help you maximize profitability. Contact one of our consultants today!

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