Benefits of Trucking Industry Software

A man using trucking industry software.

Managing a trucking company can be a daunting task. Between overseeing the flow of incoming assignments, keeping employees on track, maintaining a steady business model, and improving the company’s bottom line, trying to stay on top of everything is enough to overwhelm nearly anyone. What if these responsibilities could be condensed into a simple and comprehensive tool that could not only make managing the company easier but also improve business efficiency and profit? That’s where TruCosting commercial trucking software comes in.

Created specifically for trucking companies, TruCosting is a computer-based program designed to bring financing, profit management, and business model adjustment together in one convenient place. As the product of a joint venture between experts in the transportation industry, this innovative trucking industry software was developed to address the many difficulties of both managing and getting the most out of a trucking company.

TruCosting Commercial Trucking Software at a Glance

Developed by Trincon, TruCosting software is completely web-based and easily accessible from virtually any computer. The TruCosting analysis ultimately defines the profitability of both current and future business practices, as well as examining areas of the business model that could stand to be improved.

 Implementing an activity-based costing system, TruCosting is one of the most effective trucking software programs on the market. It compares the company’s benchmarks and projections to actual trip results. This allows management to get an in-depth look at the profit and loss associated with individual trucks, lanes of traffic, particular customers, or certain segments of the business.

A Powerful Selection of Business Tools

Built into TruCosting is an invaluable set of tools that enable management to interact with all facets of the business at a highly detailed level, including:

Pricing Tool

One of the simplest, yet most useful features of this commercial trucking software is the Pricing Tool. It measures the prices of loads against projected operation costs, effectively determining what the business’ bottom line should look like. 

Business Analysis Tool

In order to maximize profits, management needs to be able to see which terminals, lanes, business segments and/or customers are the most or least profitable, and more importantly, why. This handy tool is capable of doing just that.

Operations Tool

What does the business aim to achieve? How can goals be met more efficiently? The Operations Tool answers these questions by managing business standards at different levels. This feature of TruCosting trucking industry software not only allows management to see how well the company is doing but how much better it could be doing if productivity increased.

Management Planning Tool

Revenue and expenses can be difficult to balance out, and this tool is designed to simplify that task. It can help forecast revenue based on incoming assignments and compare them to both fixed and variable expenses to show how profits are shaping up. This newfound clarity can be crucial in learning how better to negotiate with consignees and shippers.

Dispatch Tool

Often, a company’s hours of operations may not be an efficient time span for daily goals and product movement, even in spite of management’s best efforts. The Dispatch Tool analyzes whether the operating hours are profitable or costly, and how to best optimize them to meet company needs.

A truck that uses trucking software programs.

What Sets This Trucking Software Program Apart

One of the features that allow TruCosting to stand out from other trucking software programs is Tru-Intelligence technology, the feature that actively compares company benchmarks versus real field results. This, combined with the ability to adjust individual trip parameters (such as fleet size or trip distance), can measure not only profit but potential profit based on how certain decisions would affect the business. Such maneuverability with the business model allows TruCosting to identify any problems within the company that may have otherwise gone unchecked and harmed the bottom line.

TruCosting, as the name suggests, is capable of assessing the true costs of shipping lanes, loads and even individual customers of a trucking business. Unlike much of today’s software, TruCosting can provide management with direct insight into where funds are being allocated, what expenses can be reduced and how well employees are performing. With a newfound perspective on all angles of the company, changes can be made to optimize the company’s efficiency with greater ease than ever before.

The TruCosting Experience

Having been developed by a team of professionals in the national transportation industry, TruCosting commercial trucking software was crafted solely with truckers and trucking company management in mind. Trincon Group is composed of seasoned veterans of their trade, of people who understand how hard it can be to maintain workflow and retain happy, efficient employees while trying to improve the bottom line all at the same time. Keeping a company alive and flourishing can be intensely stressful, and the Trincon Group fully understands that. That’s why TruCosting was built to put trucking companies further ahead of the game than other trucking software programs.

Operating a trucking company can be an intimidating task, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. With TruCosting trucking industry software, hands-on management is faster, simpler, and more efficient, allowing operators to make the most of both company time and finances. Thanks to the combination of highly effective innovation, the thorough analyzing power of the activity-based methodology, and the capability of TruCosting’s management tools, catalyzing profits and productivity is easily achievable. Offering benefits to virtually any company in the trucking industry, the TruCosting experience is not one to miss out on. If your company is ready to upgrade to TruCosting, contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to get you started!

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