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Since 1982, Trincon Group’s transportation advisors have specialized in providing the transportation industry with strategies, planning, and implementation services. These help companies enhance profitability, even in the face of radical industry changes. We deliver our services primarily through consulting relationships, detailed process manuals, and webinar and seminar series. Trincon also provides access to a variety of articles, white papers, and assessment tools that deliver insights into the industry and help individual companies determine their status in the market.

Trincon can help your company with:

  • Defining strengths and weakness
  • Creating a long-term strategic plan that maximizes company profits and resources
  • Improving the skills and knowledge of your leadership team

We achieve this through exclusive software, knowledgeable consultants, and helpful resources. Trincon Group is dedicated to growing your business. Our consultants have the tools you need to create a successful transportation company.

Our Philosophy

If your company has persevered despite the radical changes impacting the industry over the past decades, you have many of the elements necessary for continued survival. But at Trincon Group, we believe survival isn’t enough. For many companies, current human, financial, and technological resources are stretched to their limits. However, by fine-tuning current practices, focusing your management, polishing your marketing strategy, and better utilizing your equipment, you can be ready for the increasing complex transitions heading your way. You can turn mere survival into sustainable success.

Our Team

Years of industry experience and tried and tested practices allows the Trincon team to better assist business. Our team members each have specialized expertise in different areas of the trucking industry. A few areas our consultants specialize in are:

    • Information Technology strategic planning
    • Operational process design and optimization
    • Activity based costing systems
    • Balance sheet controls to insure maximum asset utilization for return on investment and profitability
    • TL, Tank, Reefer, Flatbed, LTL and Logistics operations
    • Developing marketing and pricing strategies, especially rate increases

    In addition to these skills, Trincon Group president, Duff Swain, is also a member of prestigious associations such as:

      • Truckload Carriers Association (TCA)
      • Ohio Trucking Association (OTA)
      • National Tank Truck Carriers

      With many years of experience and comprehensive expertise across the industry, the Trincon Group is dedicated to helping your business succeed.

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