Trincon Webinar Program


Thank you for your interest in Trincon Group and our webinar program.

TRINCON GROUP, a leading national transportation industry advisory and technology firm, has unveiled a new series of educational programs to focus on critical issues impacting the trucking industry.

In announcing the new program, Duff Swain, President of Trincon Group, said, “For years the trucking industry has experienced driver turnover and recruiting issues, low profit margins, rising costs, new and changing regulations, and the highly competitive nature of the business that can limit growth.  There are solutions – there are things that companies can do to not only survive in these conditions, but to thrive and gain competitive advantage.”

For over thirty years, Trincon has worked with trucking firms across the country to help them overcome these issues.  The webinars we are announcing, beginning in November, will leverage that experience to describe proven techniques and practical solutions to help ownership and senior management to successfully deal with these and other issues.

Current webinars in the series include:

  • Becoming the Kind of Company Drivers Want to Work For – November 16, 2017
  • Increasing Productivity and Profitability – December 19, 2107
  • Cost Management and Profitable Pricing  -January 18. 2018
  • Achieving Your Business Growth Objectives – February 22, 2018

The target audience for our webinars are owners and senior management.  Generally they are offered on a monthly basis and are offered at no charge.


Leveraging ELDs to Create Competitive Advantage

December 19, 2017 - 11:30 a.m. EDT

On December 18th, regulations requiring the use of ELD's by the FMCSA will go into effect. These regulations are going to provide new opportunities for some and challenges for others. Whether you are able to step up to the opportunity depends on your ability to remain productive in the face of greater enforcement of HOS rules.   On December 19th, Trincon will be presenting a free webinar to discuss ways you can improve productivity and increase profitability while maintaining HOS compliance. The webinar will consider:
  • Ways to improve operational planning
  • Maximize truck and driver utilization
  • Better understand your operating costs
  • Improve your businesses bottom line profitability
  • Increase competitive advantage
  We know that some companies are not going to be able to, or willing to, continue to operate in this environment. For those who are, it offers an opportunity for business growth and expansion. Join us

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