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Plan for profit with TruCosting Trucking Software

Sometimes it feels impossible to control your business in an industry that’s becoming increasingly harder to manage. Rising costs, driver shortages and government mandates create a harsh environment to operate within. We designed TruCosting so that you can regain control of your business. Regardless of what the industry throws at you next be ready with TruCosting.

Visibility – Profitability – Scalability

What Is TruCosting Trucking Software?

TruCosting is a software solution for trucking companies that allows you to identify problems that are currently preventing revenue for your business. It is designed to help managers make better decisions about business activities to increase profit margins and eliminate wasteful spending. It shows the positive and negative impact that certain activities have on your business. With this cost-modeling tool you can see the impact that certain decisions would have on your business before they’re made.

  • Dispatch tool: determine the profit or losses on specific routes and shipments
  • Pricing tool: see the impact of fluctuating industry and overhead costs has on your business
  • Operations tool: evaluate the efficiency of certain activities and asset
  • Management information tool: have more clarity to make better decisions about your workforce

TruCosting: Your Business Solution

TruCosting is everything you need to convert the current stresses of your business into profit.
The industry has experienced a lot of changes that have created a very harsh environment for owners and operators.

Using Trucking Software

Contact Trincon today and we’ll show you how to use the information you gain from TruCosting trucking company software, to transform your business into a true profit center.

Why TruCosting?

  • Turn government mandate costs into revenue by making better decisions with the information from the technology
  • Increase your profit margins without adding drivers
  • Identify which activities within your business cost more than they return
  • Create a competitive pricing model that still generates profit for the business