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Your ability to operate profitability is under attack.

In October of 2017, the American Transportation Research Institute published its most recent report on “Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry”. In order of priority the top ten included:

  • Driver Shortage
  • The ELD Mandate
  • Hours-of-Service
  • Truck Parking
  • Driver Retention
  • CSA
  • Regulation
  • Driver Distraction
  • Highway Infrastructure
  • Driver Health and Wellness

Many of these have been with us for a long time, and it doesn’t include other things such as the impact of new and emerging technology, and the demands of customers and consignees. They all have one thing in common, however, and that is their impact on your ability to operate profitably.

Trincon Group LLC, a leading business advisory, and technology firm, has announced a new program for 2018 for trucking company owners and executives. Based on over 30 years of experience of successfully working with trucking companies across the country, the program is designed to discuss solutions, things you can do today, to mitigate the impact of many of these issues.

The program includes a series of 6 transportation webinars focusing on the key steps necessary for you to improve your current operations, and provide you with the resources necessary to fuel your future growth. They include:

  • Strategies for improving productivity and profitability

Proven approaches to improving productivity and profitability as a necessary first step in positioning you for long-term success and business growth.

  • Solutions that allow you to better understand your costs, improve pricing, and better understand your business outcomes, strengths, and weaknesses.

Do you really know your costs, both variable and fixed? Is your pricing covering your costs? Is it generating the necessary profit? Do you know which elements of your business – which services, customers, lanes, and trips – are most or least profitable? What is your competitive advantage?

  • Driver recruiting and retention

Driver turnover has a tremendous impact not only on your cost of operation, and your ability to operate effectively, but it can also impact your ability to respond to market opportunities. This webinar will examine strategies that have proven to help reduce turnover, improve retention, and improve recruiting.

  • Organization optimization

Is our organization operating effectively? Do you have the right people with the right skills in the right positions? Is your entire organization working toward achieving share business goals and objectives?

  • Using your investments in technology effectively

Are you using the investments you’ve made in technology effectively? Are you investing in the right things? Are you getting an adequate return on those investments?

  • Developing a proactive growth strategy and creating competitive advantage

Is there an opportunity to increase revenue/profit from existing customers? What problems do they have that you might be able to solve? Understanding your market: Are there other potential customers, perhaps similar to your current customers, in your lanes of operation that need service? How are you marketing your business?


Solutions to the Driver Shortage – Retention and Recruiting

August 28, 2018 - 2:00 PM EDT

The industry has been talking about the driver shortage for a long time - it’s time for action. It's time we tried something new. We can't wait because the longer we wait the more critical the problem is going to become. Improved economic conditions, strong freight demand, and competition for labor, along with an aging driver population means that the shortage is going to get worse - not better. The answer starts with individual carriers and their relationship with their drivers, with schools, with their customers, and the community.

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Trincon has worked with companies across the country on driver shortage issues, we know the impact that high turnover has on productivity and profitability. We also know that this doesn’t need to continue, that there are approaches and solutions that can significantly reduce turnover, and create an environment where both drivers and owners benefit. This webinar will take an objective look at driver development and retention and suggest some new ideas and comprehensive solutions:
  • Looking at drivers as "professionals" and as employees looking for a long-term career path
  • Implementing hiring and "on boarding" procedures that encourage retention and longevity
  • Providing compensation that reward skills, experience and tenure in addition to productivity
  • Fulfilling employee's (drivers) need for defined expectations, recognition and consistent communication
  • Defining processes that hold drivers accountable
On August 28th, at 2:00 PM EDT, Trincon Group will explore ways to address these questions, and others, and start to define steps you can take right now to attract new drivers, and perhaps most importantly, keep the ones you have.

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