Trincon Driver

Hiring and Retention Program

Trincon Hiring and Driver Retention Program

Drivers are your most important assets. Without them, trucks stand idle and customers don’t get served. Poor driver retention, recruitment, and high driver turnover results in a bottleneck that keeps you from maximizing productivity.
There is currently a truck driver shortage across the nation and if you’re like most transportation companies, recruiting and retaining quality drivers continues to be one of your most challenging issues.

Trincon’s driver recruiting and development program gets right to the root of the problem by addressing underlying operational and policy issues that lead to recruitment and turnover problems.

Our Program Will Teach Management How To:

  • Create and implement driver recruitment and driver retention programs or improve an existing plan.
  • Sell candidates on the benefits of being a real “employee” and working for you instead of the competition.
  • Conduct effective ”on-boarding” and “truck-entry” support programs.
  • Define employee expectations and establish goals.
  • Define a driver career path within the company.
  • Conduct periodic reviews and establish recognition and accountability plans.

In addition, Trincon’s Driver Hiring and Retention Program gives you everything you need to build and keep a winning team:

Incentive Compensation Plans To Keep Your Most Valuable Employees

Trincon will also show you how to complement and enhance any hiring and retention program with an incentive compensation plan that meets your employees’ expectations and makes sense for the company and associates alike.

Learn How To:

  • Create appropriate incentive guidelines.
  • Format a successful compensation policy.
  • Conduct an incentive/profitability analysis.

Driver Career Path Development Program

Studies conducted by the Conference Board and American Management Association show that the vast majority of workers believe effective performance should be consistently rewarded, and that companies would perform better if employees were given meaningful incentives to improve their quality and productivity.

Find, hire, and retain the quality drivers who keep your business moving forward.

For truck drivers, one of the most effective incentives is a driver career path that clearly shows advancement and promotion opportunities.

Contact Trincon today about our Driver Hiring and Retention Program and a lack of drivers won’t ever stall your business again.