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The driver shortage has plagued the industry for years and shows no sign of getting better any time soon.  Turnover rates continue to be too high costing companies money, and hurting productivity.  There are solutions however.  Things that companies can do right now to improve recruiting and most importantly, to help improve retention.

Trincon Group has worked with trucking companies for over thirty years providing solutions to improve the conditions that lead to high driver turnover, and to improve their recruiting efforts.  The results: Many of our clients have cut driver turnover in half, dramatically improved recruiting, and significantly improved operational profitability.

In this section you will find a variety of tools and resources that have been proven in the industry, and can help you address this critical issue.  We also provide links to some of our business partners who can provide additional assistance.  We hope you will find them of value in your operation.


Driver Turnover Cost Calculator

The Driver Turnover Cost Calculator is an easy to use Business Analysis tool designed to help business executives better understand the costs associated with driver turnover and their effect on overall profitability.

White Papers and Articles:

Driver Retention

This paper examines strategies for improving driver turnover, recruiting the best people, and keeping them on the job.

A Purpose Driven Career

This paper provides guidelines for developing a career path for drivers.

Case Study: Nussbaum Trucking

The September, 2012 issue of Heavy Duty Trucking outlines the driver development and retention program implemented by Nussbaum Trucking that has been responsible for lowering their driver turnover to less than 30%.

Driver Compensation Strategies

A presentation to the Ohio Trucking Association on Driver Compensation and Strategies.

Hiring the Drivers You Want

An article by Bill Kistner for the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association.


Overcoming the Driver Shortage

A 60 minute video replay of Trincon Group’s webinar on Driver Recruiting and Retention.  Originally presented in August of 2016.


Driver Hiring and Retention Manual

Learn how to hire and retain your most important asset.  Geared toward top and middle management of both large- and mid-size operations, the 66-page manual provides a structured model for creating a turnkey program for locating, hiring and retaining quality drivers.

Other Solution Providers and Business Partners



A division of Firetoss, the Driveteks team is focused 100% on developing cutting-edge pathways to recruit more drivers each day.  We use our advanced filtering software to find specific drivers that meet our client’s qualifications.


 Truckload Academy 

A comprehensive education program offered by the Truckload Carriers Association.

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U.S. Legal Services

U.S. Legal Services provides comprehensive legal benefit services to the trucking industry.