The Challenge

In 1957, Thadius Gorski founded Gorski Bulk Transport Inc., a family owned transport service specializing in dry and liquid bulk transportation. The company focused on offering quality service and on time delivery, leading to a successful break into the bulk chemical transportation industry. Now, operating for over 50 years and under the management of second-generation owners, Ted and Bernard, the company has greatly flourished and operates in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Growing at an intense rate, Ted and Bernard decided to split the management duties and started looking for technology programs that would assist them in managing the workload. The owners turned to TMW Systems’ dispatch and logistics transportation solutions to help improve Gorski’s bottom line and increase profitability. The program presented Gorski with vast opportunities for improvement, but the organizational structure of the company still needed more work. Wanting to remain a leader in the trucking industry, the owners began researching ways to improve their organization and discovered TRINCON. Gorski contracted TRINCON to assist in reorganizing the managerial structure and to help the management team better utilize the TMW software.

“Splitting management duties worked for us before the company broke into numerous markets, but we quickly realized we needed something more than a software program to help us manage our rapidly growing company,” said Ted Gorski. “After reviewing the different ways TRINCON could assist in evaluating our management, marketing and profitability techniques, the choice was clear.”

The Solution

Once faced with the challenge, TRINCON president Duff Swain and vice president John Jackson, wasted no time. Swain immediately started the analysis process and found numerous areas for improvement in management, marketing, costing, return on investment and profitability. Swain recommended a profitability and situational analysis to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses and transform the company’s abilities and core competencies into greater profit and ROI.

“The analysis was very in-depth. Over a 90 day period, Duff and John conducted a series of interviews with management and staff, collected financials from previous years, and even made onsite visits to assist in cost analysis,” said Bernard Gorski. “Duff and John were very responsive to our needs, and took the time to explain how we needed to use our strengths to eliminate our weaknesses.”

Over the course of the next three months, TRINCON worked with Gorski to develop an action plan. The plan focused on setting goals for the management team, goals for the overall corporation and creating a strategy plan specifically designed for each department. The plan took pressure off Ted and Bernard by reassigning management duties across the management team. He gave each manager and employee a specific job description and list of duties specific to the department. Each department was also given specific goals that would assist in meeting organizational goals.

“The action plan really turned the management process around and brought management together to work as a team,” said Ted. “TRINCON helped set up weekly department meetings aimed at discussing projects and timelines to ensure monthly goals were met. We set up benchmarks to measure the process that was being made throughout the month and really gave the team something to work towards.”

By setting the management team in motion, TRINCON set the company up for a positive radical change. Ted and Bernard were no longer splitting responsibilities but were managing the overall company goals and relying on management to help meet those goals.

The Results

The Gorski brothers were extremely happy with the outcome of TRINCON’s work. In only six months, management and communication within the company were vastly improved. Now there were ways to oversee the management team and employees and track successes and failures. The owners now also had the organizational structure in place to properly use the TMW software to its fullest potential.

“Before TRINCON came in and changed the structure of Gorski, we couldn’t find the time to properly manage the TMW software,” said Bernard. “Now that we can track areas of strengths and weaknesses, we have the resources available to use the software to improve our operational efficiency and sustain long term profitability.”

The action plan also put a costing system in place that would allow the company to utilize the sales team and see where the company should focus valuable resources to obtain new clients. Since TRINCON started the analysis and organizational changes, Gorski has seen a 5% decrease in costs and a 15% increase in profitability.

“Working with TRINCON Group was one of the smartest business decisions we’ve made,” said Ted. “Gorski has seen many positive changes thus far, and I am confident we will continue to see more. I look forward to working with Duff and John again in the near future.”