At Trincon Group, our mission is to give the owners and managers of trucking companies the consulting and tools they need to respond to existing and future market pressures and opportunities. As trucking consultants and technology based solution providers, we help our clients do more than merely survive market changes. Trincon, can help your company achieve profitability and sustainable growth no matter the market conditions.
Trincon has established proven solutions and programs that keep your businesses from stalling—no matter what the market throws your way. We are your one stop trucking software and consulting firm, if you want to find success, trust Trincon to show you the way.
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Trincon will help you adapt and overcome the unique challenges that face the trucking industry. Trincon’s trucking company consultants can help you zero in on the key factors that impact profitable growth, including: your operating costs, driver resources, strengths and weaknesses, strategic planning, marketing, and management.


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Want to know which loads, lanes, and customers contribute the most to your profits, and which drive up your costs? TruCosting®, our online activity-based cost modeling trucking software, has the power to revolutionize your decision making.  By helping you model both variable and fixed costs based on distance and time, TruCosting® determines the profitability and actual costs of individual loads, customers and shipping lanes. This gives you the information you need to make pricing decisions, optimize productivity, and save money. TruCosting® gives you the power to anticipate the impact a decision will make on your operations, and make the most profitable choice. Learn how TruCosting® can improve bottom line.

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